Man3000 DHS Productivity Analysis


The Man3000 DHS productivity analysis is available to all our premium DHS clients. The current features provide visual representation of a combination of live data and analytical features for you to use to drive productivity in your call centre or department. With a live view of Last hour productivity, Incoming and outgoing productivity as well as an in-depth Call center Report with everything you would need to monitor your daily growth.

Last Hour Productivity

Last Hour Grid – This detailed grid view will show all stats for extensions on a live basis and is updated every 60 seconds.

You will find the following being tracked:

  • Incoming calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • Internal calls
  • Unanswered calls

Incoming and Outgoing Productivity

Incoming and outgoing productivity – This is a grid view representation of productivity on extensions, each grid gives you the following real time call information:


  • Last Hour
  • Today
  • Comparison to same day last week
  • Total rolling count for the month 

Call Centre Report

Call Centre Overview – This is a summarized overview on the department’s productivity, selected by date and time, on the following:


  • Totals
  • Averages
  • Queues
  • Call volume by hours
  • Call type breakdown
  • Calls by clients