Man3000 DHS Essentials


The Man3000 DHS Essentials is an entry level and cost effective, web based solution that provides the user with an easily accessible way to perform analysis on their telephone data in a fast and effective manner. Whether you just want to be able to view your business’ stats from anywhere in the world. The Man3000 DHS Essentials solution accommodates your needs.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Access to the database anywhere, anytime via your web browser
  • Multiple user login each with own usage log
  • Restricted user access levels
  • Organisation tree of up to 8 tiers
  • Updates as soon as they are released
  • Premium support
  • Live dashboard for quick and easy reference
  • Basic reports which can be saved or exported in multiple formats
  • Account code and pin code compatibility
  • Unlimited client list to easily index and search specific numbers
  • Easy upgrade path to Premium

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Call Collection Methods

Man3000 DHS LCU (Light Collection Utility) – This is a software ONLY solution installed to a PC on-site. The LCU retrieves the call records directly through TCP/IP connection or file transfer from the PABX. Communication to the DHS remote server is done through the client’s internet connection.