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Lesotho Visit

Lesotho Visit Our recent trip to Lesotho and surrounding areas shed some light on how the business of telecommunication management is a vital requirement.  One of the main requirements of TMS in Lesotho is to control costs. Telecommunications is still a very expensive...

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Durban Visit

Durban Visit Throughout the Durban trip, we asked dealers “What is the point of a Telephone Management System (TMS)?” the answers were all very similar, “to control costs of telephone bills”.  While the main focus of TMS used to be controlling costs of telephone...

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Port Elizabeth Visit

Port Elizabeth Visit We recently completed a road show through Port Elizabeth (PE). It certainly lived up to the name of, the Windy City. We had the opportunity to visit several clients and discuss some solutions to solve their Telephone Management System (TMS)...

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VoIP vs Landlines

Voip Vs Landlines This article aims to inform the reader on the pros and cons of the different infrastructures. By now we have all heard about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), what some people may not know is what VoIP is and how it can benefit them. VoIP calls...

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