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Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Telephone Management System?

A Telephone Management System captures live call records from your telephone system and allows the user to create a number of meaningful reports. These reports could then be sent via mail to the management in the company.

Why do I need a Telephone Management System?

A Telephone Management System can be used, to assist in controlling the total cost of telephone calls as well as the amount of time your employees spend on their phones.

What size company is suitable for a Telephone Management System?

Whether it be a small home office or a multinational corporation, a Telephone Management System will assist you.

Some of our statistics

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"The service level received for post-sale support and maintenance has been fast and efficient..."
"Man3000 is used by A&D for various Telephone Management System installations, both onsite & now with our hosted PBX platform..."
“…It is a pleasure working with such knowledgeable, quick thinking staff and their turnaround time is of the very best.”
“…They were so helpful and super friendly. The ability to provide the resolution quickly exceeded my expectations.”
“…we started to see savings on our telephone expenditure and we are now saving roughly 35% of our original telephone bill every month."
“Our experience with MAN3000 has been nothing but excellent and I would recommend them to anyone looking to add decent reporting..."
“…with the support and service received from Man3000, the now functional system has reduced our monthly expenditure by approximately 42%..."
“…It is really a pleasure working with all of you. You treat me with respect and never ever have any of you told me you don't have time!..."
“It is a great system to have in place for managing our telephone expenditure and managing the system..."
“...We, Jason Michael Smith Inc would highly recommend Man3000 to other customers who require integration with any third party software.."
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