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Man3000 DHS Webinars

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Every second Tuesday

Time :


09h00 CAT

Duration :


1 Hour

Man3000 hosts webinars every two weeks for DHS clients in an effort to help them comprehensively understand and better utilise the Man3000 premium service. These presentations will cover all the basics on how to navigate the DHS website to find all the information you need quickly and efficiently. This also allows all participants to raise any questions that they may have.
What you’ll learn:
  • How to navigate the Man3000 DHS website
  • How to manage your organisational structure
  • How to maintain and utilise your client list
  • How to run and automate reports
  • How to get the most out of the premium service

22nd August 2023









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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I need to attend the webinar?
  • We conduct the online training through Zoom meetings, we require a copy of Zoom, an Internet connection and speakers to listen to the presenter
  • Optionally you can have a camera and microphone to interact with your presenter
When must I join the webinar?
  • The webinar will begin at 09h00 sharp, the presenter will open the webinar at 08h30 to allow participants to join ahead of time to ensure everything is working
What must I do if I am struggling to join the webinar?
  • Our whole support team is here to assist you should you have any technical issues when trying to join the webinar, please phone in as this will help us resolve any issues as quickly as possible