Man3000 DHS Comparative Reporting


The Man3000 DHS comparative reporting is available to all our premium DHS clients. The current features provide a tablature or graphical representation of call data using analytical features for you to use on extensions or account codes. With this you can base the comparison on the quantity or cost of calls on a daily, weekly or monthly period company wide.

Comparison Types

Comparison Types – The comparative report covers both quantity and cost of all calls and call types on selected extensions or account codes over a period of time.


  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly 
  • Extensions or account codes
  • Cost, quantity or both
  • All call types. Incoming, outgoing, internal …

Analysis Types

Analysis Types – The comparison report can span from extensions or account codes in a department all the way to comparing departments in different branches or divisions.


  • Extensions or account codes
  • Departments
  • Branches
  • Divisions
  • Companies

View Types

View Types – The comparison report can be viewed in tabulated or graphical forms to suit your preference.


  • 3D or 2D graph
  • Line graph
  • Table