Editing Department Information


In this tutorial we will show you how to manipulate your department information within your Man3000. We will show you how to add, edit or delete departments.

Editing Department Names

  1. Go to “Edit” in the top menu
  1. You would notice the two default departments that we saw when editing our extension information – Admin and Sales

You have the ability to Add, Edit and change the “Mark Up%”

  1. To Edit, you can go ahead and click on the name under the “Department Name” and this will allow you to start typing in the new name. Once you are happy with your edit, click “Save”

Adding Department Names

  1. To Add, you will need to simply double click in the “Department Name” field next to a “Dep Number” that does not currently have a name, once you have added a name please click “Save” which is located above the “Close” button

Setting the Mark Up %

  1. Mark Up% allows you to set a department’s rates to a higher charge on call costs. This is typically used for hotels that would like to charge their guest at a higher rate, once you have set the “Mark Up%” please ensure you click the “Save” button

* The Standard Mark Up % is 100% of the call charge plus 15% VAT

* Extra High would be double the cost of a call