Editing Client List Information


In this tutorial we will show you how to manipulate your client list information within your Man3000. We will show you how to add, edit or delete client list information. We will also show you how to add your clients to categories and how to use the unauthorized call feature.

Client List Sorting

  1. Go to “Edit” in the top menu, select “Edit Client List” – Choose By Name or By Number

* These can be useful for sorting your client list

Adding a Client

  1. You can Add, Edit, Delete and Import your client list. You can also add “Unauthorized Calls”, this will trigger a notification to be sent to a responsible person when a number is dialled/called from.
  1. To add a new client to your list, simply click on the “Add” button on the right hand side. You will be required to enter :
  • Client Name
  • Client Number
  • Client Catagory

Once you are happy with your input, click on the “Ok” button at the bottom, and the “Save” button on the right

Editing a Client

  1. To edit a client, select the client and click “Edit” on the right. The following window will come up :
Make any necessary changes, click “Ok” and then “Save”

Deleting a Client

  1. To delete a client, you will need to simply on the client, you will see the blue arrow appear in the first column (in the image above, the blue arrow is left of 0114368100) you can then click the “Del” button on the right

Unauthorized Call

  1. To add an “Unauthorized Call E_mail Address”, you would simply need to click in the open block (this will highlight your selection with a black border) for that client and click “Edit”, please reference the image below :
  1. The edit menu will come up and you can insert the unauthorized call’s email address. The is the email address that will get the notification when that client’s number is dialed or received a call from, please reference the image below :
  1. Please the click “Ok” and “Save”