Man3000 DHS Multi-Tenant


The Man3000 DHS Multi-Tenant is an entry level and cost effective, web based solution that provides the user with an easily accessible way to perform analysis on their telephone data in a fast and effective manner. Whether you just want to be able to view your business’ stats from anywhere in the world. The Man3000 DHS Multi-Tenant solution has been designed to provide a hosted telephone management system to the multi-tenant environment. Ultimately this solution will be installed for every tenant on that specific system with an easy to upgrade path to Premium. Provide your entire base with a cost effective hosted telephone management system at a fraction of the price.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Access to the database anywhere, anytime via your web browser
  • Multiple user login each with own usage log
  • Restricted user access levels
  • Organisation tree of up to 8 tiers
  • Updates as soon as they are released
  • Premium support
  • Live dashboard for quick and easy reference
  • Basic reports which can be saved or exported in multiple formats
  • Account code and pin code compatibility
  • Unlimited client list to easily index and search specific numbers
  • Easy upgrade path to Premium

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Call Collection Methods

Man3000 DHS LCU (Light Collection Utility) – This is a software ONLY solution installed to a Windows PC on-site. The LCU retrieves the call records directly from the PABX. Communication to the DHS remote server is done through the client’s internet connection.