Man3000 DHS Built-In


The Man3000 DHS Built-In is our easy to use, web based solution for small sized companies with 8 or more extensions. Built-In provides the user with an easy to use, accessible way to do call reporting at no charge in accordance with our fair use policy. The Man3000 DHS Built-In will assist in your companies productivity.Built-In is only available to selected dealers


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Access to the database anywhere, anytime via your web browser
  • Up to 3 user login accounts
  • 7 working day SLA
  • Organisation tree of up to 3 departments
  • 36 day active dataset
  • Live download screen
  • Basic reports on extensions or account codes
  • Account code and pin code compatibility
  • Client list
  • Easy upgrade path to Essentials or Premium

Call Collection Methods

Man3000 DHS LCU (Light Collection Utility) – This is a software ONLY solution installed to a PC on-site. The LCU retrieves the call records directly through TCP/IP connection or file transfer from the PABX. Communication to the DHS remote server is done through the client’s internet connection.


How it works

PBX Sends Data

The customer’s PBX (Telephone System) will send out Call Detail Records (CDR). These records have a variety of information in them, such as :

  • Time & Date
  • Call Duration
  • Number Dialled
  • CLI (Caller Line Identity)
  • Duration

Man3000 Collects the Data

One collection option is used for one PBX. We have various options to suit any PBX the customer may have. Depending on what PBX the customer has, we will advise on the best collection method.

  • LCU (Light Collection Utility)
  • Direct FTP to our Server
  • AnyConnect Buffer Box

Man3000 Sends the Data to Hosted Servers

Once we have received the data from the PBX using the previously mention collection methods, we then send the CDRs to our hosted servers. These servers are hosted in professional data centres to ensure:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security
  • Availability
  • Usability

Processed and Hosted Online

Once data is received we then process it, interpret the data, apply any costings to calls made, and display it in the user’s login portal. This will then allow users with the correct level of access to organise their company structure to allow for advance reporting functionality.

Users with various levels of access can perform various tasks and run or schedule reports. Everything can be done from any device that has an internet browser, providing the client with access from anywhere around the world.