Voip Vs Landlines

This article aims to inform the reader on the pros and cons of the different infrastructures.

By now we have all heard about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), what some people may not know is what VoIP is and how it can benefit them.

VoIP calls require an internet connection, an IP phone and an IP PBX, or a soft phone as well as an active VoIP account.

VoIP is a method of calling almost anyone in the world from almost anywhere in the world, using an internet connection. The call does not rely on a fixed land line to be initiated, this means that you can even use a mobile internet connection and initiate the call in a manner of ways.

VoIP calling has a few advantages over the traditional landline.

  • Mobility
  • Generally lower cost
  • Plenty service providers which helps keep service levels at their peak
  • Make calls from a PC
  • Often free calls between a company’s different branches
  • Easy and cheap to setup for satellite staff

Whilst these are very attractive positives to most people, there are still a couple of downsides to take into consideration.

  • You need an internet connection
  • You may experience some choppy calls on unstable internet
  • You may need to replace your existing infrastructure

There is still a place for landlines in your business and home, even though it may be considered older technology it still has a few benefits.

  • It is able to function without power for a while
  • Consistent quality of calls
  • Infrastructure is readily available in most buildings

These positive points are not without the negatives.

  • Copper theft, weather conditions and degradation of old infrastructure can affect service
  • Reduced mobility, even with a wireless phone
  • “Crossed lines” occur occasionally

The great thing about newer technology is that it is still able to integrate with older technology in order to overcome some of its shortfalls. This comes in the form of hybrid systems, which utilise both technologies and provide great stability and call quality at a reduced rate.

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