Man3000 Training Course


The Man3000 Joining Course will help you and your staff get to know the products and services on offer. In addition there will be basic technical training with a basic test at the end of each part. Please ensure you watch the video and answer all the questions, some questions will have resources available to help you along with some of the answers.

Please enter your Cellphone number in international format :

Please enter your reference code from your SMS :

How The Joining Course Works

  1. Your company needs to register with us as a dealer
  2. Contact us to be registered as a technician
  3. We will load you onto the system to begin your 3 part training course
  4. You will receive an SMS from us with your reference code (The code will be 3 letters and 3 numbers, eg. ABC123)
  5. Once you complete the first part, we will SMS you with your new reference code to start the next part
  6. Once the course is complete, we will then load you onto our system as a registered technician, which will allow you to do registrations and get support from our dedicated team.