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2 – 3 Hours

Man3000 offers our dealers the opportunity to come to our office for training on technical and sales.

Technical Training – This training is separated into basic and advanced. We do not recommend doing both the basic and advanced training course in the same day, the quantity of information is just too much. Basic training normally takes up to 3 hours. Advanced training will take up to 2 hours.

Sales Training – There is one sales training course available, normally it will take up to 2 hours.

Man3000 Training Options

Technical – Basic
  • Product compatibility overview
  • How to download & install the Man3000 Software
  • How to configure Man3000 to work on your PBX brand(s)
  • How to setup and maintain – Extension & Account Code information, Client List & Categories & Department information
  • How to run and automate reports
  • How to get the most out of the desktop software
  • 3rd party integration
Technical – Advanced
  • Advanced features in Man3000
  • Phantom Extensions
  • Exchange Lines
  • Advice Of Charge & Mark Up Rates
  • Active Alerts
  • Budget Controller
  • Advanced 3rd party integration
  • Advanced  product overview
    – Hosted and Desktop solutions
  • Pricing and product selection
  • Sales Strategies
  • Industry specific solutions

Training Request Form

Which training are you looking for?

Disclaimer - Your company will be liable to pay for a fee of R650.00 (excl. vat) if you or any of the attendees fail to cancel within 24 hours of the training commencing or if they are more than 30 minutes late for the training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the training take place?
  • Training will be done at our office, we have a dedicated training room. For more information on where our office is located, please see the Contact Us page on the website.
Can I do the Basic and Advanced courses on the same day?
  • We do not recommend doing more than one course a day, the quantity of information will be excessive for one day.
What should i do if we cannot make it to the training?
  • We ask that you call us or email us for any cancellations. Any late (within 24hours of training starting) cancellations will be liable for a charge.
Why can I not choose a time and date?
  • We do training on request and therefor do not have set times and dates. We will check availability on our side and contact you with a few options for time slots.