Port Elizabeth Visit

We recently completed a road show through Port Elizabeth (PE). It certainly lived up to the name of, the Windy City. We had the opportunity to visit several clients and discuss some solutions to solve their Telephone Management System (TMS) challenges. Some of the notable points were:

PE seems to be heavily focused on cutting costs by any means necessary. This includes the initial purchase of the TMS as well as the upkeep of the system. It must be noted that there is a big difference between the cheapest product; and the best suited product for the customer.

Man3000 has two products which are ideal for this sort of market. The Man3000 Desktop Software Only solution is a cost effective once off purchase aimed at the smaller TMS market. If you are looking for a hosted (hassle free) solution; the Man3000DHS Essentials is the right product for you.

Much like the rest of South Africa, PE is slowly moving to a hosted environment. This movement provides great opportunities for the observant dealers. It is largely understood that by moving to a hosted environment you are moving the cost of the TMS from a capital expenditure to an operational expense. Being in the cloud ensures that the system has a much higher uptime, and can be accessed at any time from any standard browser.

Man3000 again has two hosted product offerings, specifically the Man3000DHS Essentials package and the Man3000DHS Premium package. Both have guaranteed uptimes of 99.9%, so our customers always have access to the their information at any time. Either package can be accessed from any standard browser, including; Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

A common theme across all the dealers was that the system being installed needed to be both functional and well supported. In both cases the Man3000 product range fulfils these requirements. We provide bi-weekly webinars for training on our products allowing the users to gain the maximum functionality from their systems.


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