Lesotho Visit

Our recent trip to Lesotho and surrounding areas shed some light on how the business of telecommunication management is a vital requirement. 

One of the main requirements of TMS in Lesotho is to control costs. Telecommunications is still a very expensive aspect of business in Lesotho.

Man3000 assists the Lesotho clients by providing budget barring, this is essential for controlling telephone usage costs, by barring the users once they have reached a specific budget the clients can more easily budget for telephone costs. 

Lesotho is slowly adopting new technologies, such as Unified Communications and this calls for them to adopt newer TMS technology as well. Man3000 DHS is the go-to for these sites as it complements the Unified Communications with centralised reporting for multi-site clients and a host of other features. 

A large amount of corporate clients have shown interest in Man3000 DHS with budget barring, this solution makes it incredibly easy for multiple managers to have access to their department’s reporting and in turn makes it easy for these managers to receive the correct data. 

Lesotho dealers have also praised the Man3000 technical support team for their efficient, effective and friendly assistance with installations and maintenance.


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