Durban Visit

Throughout the Durban trip, we asked dealers “What is the point of a Telephone Management System (TMS)?” the answers were all very similar, “to control costs of telephone bills”. 

While the main focus of TMS used to be controlling costs of telephone bills, that focus is shifting. We need to realise that there are many business questions which can be answered through the use of a TMS.

The focus of TMS is shifting towards:

  • Time Management (time is money)
  • Staff Planning
  • Boosting Sales
  • Improving Staff Productivity

 Some of the questions which can be answered by Man3000’s TMS products and solutions are:

  • Which clients are being phoned regularly? This question has a few purposes, you can see if there is an issue with particular clients, you can also see if your sales staff are contacting all of your clients or only a small portion.
  • Is there abuse of phone lines? Is John constantly on the phone with his family? With the reduction of telephone call costs, the bigger concern is the amount of time the employee spends on the phone (and not doing his work)
  • Have you got too many telephone lines? This will assist you in reducing unnecessary expenditure, if you aren’t utilising specific lines then they could be going to waste.

Get in touch with our sales team to see how we can further benefit your business, and assist in answering the many relevant business questions through the use of Man3000 DHS and desktop TMS