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"...It is a pleasure working with such knowledgeable, quick thinking staff and their turnaround time is of the very best."

- IT Manager
Ample Insurance Brokers
"...They were so helpful and super friendly. The ability to provide the resolution quickly exceeded my expectations."

- Lodge Manager
Rhino Post - Kruger National Park
"...we are now saving roughly 35% of our original telephone bill every month."

- IT Manager
Koogan Plastics
"...the Man3000 system has reduced our monthly expenditure by approximately 42% on telephone usage."

- Chief Information Officer
Dept. of Cooperative Governance
"...every problem I brought up with Man3000, they came up with a solution..."

- Operational Director
NetCom Enterprise Telephony and Communication

Man3000 Livestream and FTP Backup


The Man3000 Livestream allows the client to receive all call records through various methods for live integration with their desired billing system.

Livestream works in conjunction with the Man3000 DHS service. The database is updated on a live basis, the custom output format is applied to the call records and they are then forwarded to the client via the required protocol.


  • Live feed to third party billing applications
    • Legal
    • Guest House
    • Medical
    • Accounting etc.
  • Fully customisable output format
  • Output via TCP/IP, File or Database
  • Single or Multiple call records per file

FTP Backup

The Man3000 FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Backup also works in conjunction with the Man3000 DHS. It is used to export a backup of all the call records that have been saved to the DHS database. This backup stores the records to a file in a fixed format and can be sent daily, weekly or monthly depending on the client's requirements.